For anyone learning CS and AI

Unlimited access to courses

AI assistant: tutoring, grading, and more!

Browser-based IDE

Basic support


For a teacher teaching Computer Science and AI

Everything in Learner, plus:

Personalized assignments and lesson plans

Grading and feedback



For individual schools and district-wide implementation

Everything in Classroom, plus:

LMS integrations

Professional development

Dedicated support

Professional Development

Our development programs equip educators with the skills and confidence needed for top-tier computer science education, regardless of experience level.

Free virtual workshops

Year-round workshops to learn programming skills and teaching strategies in a collaborative environment

Online Development Courses

Flexible, self-paced courses covering introductory to advanced levels in JavaScript, Python, AP CS, Cybersecurity, and Web Development.

Custom Designed, In-Person Workshops

Tailored 1-2 day workshops for all levels with hands-on activities and real-time feedback from specialists.

Certification Prep

State-specific courses to prepare for certification exams like Praxis, FTCE, and GACE.

Integrating AI in Education

Learn to use AI tools to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes

Teaching AI Concepts

Understand AI fundamentals like machine learning and create compelling AI courses for students